Birth Portfolio

“What would you say to a mom who was on the fence of hiring a birth photographer”

“I would say you will never regret having those photos. They are so tender, so precious…They capture the vivid and raw feelings of meeting your child. Your only regret will be not doing it! I was so exhausted from laboring for 16 hours, my husband was tired and so nervous and having a birth photographer let us just live in the moment and enjoy what was happening. I will forever cherish these photos.”-Valeria

When you hire me as your birth photographer, I take that job and that honor of being there very serious. 2 weeks before and after your due date I am on call 24/7. This means I do not go on vacation and I have babysitters around the clock ready to go. The phone is charged and my “hospital bag” is packed. I am there FOR YOU and anything you may need. I stay out of the way and just photograph the moments in the most tasteful way, as they are happening. I don’t interrupt, I don’t distract.  I am a professional. I am YOUR  birth photographer.