Meet your Photographer



My name is Alyssa Swedberg and I am the owner of Alyssa Swedberg Photography. I am a wife to an amazing man and a mother to 3 little blessings five and under.

Delivering my children, and welcoming them into this world was an adventure with all three of them.They all have very unique birth stories that I love reminiscing over. The only regret that I have, is that I have two blurry iPhone photos that my shaky, emotion-filled husband managed to capture from my first birth and absolutely no photos from my second birth because everything progressed so quickly. That is a time that I can never go back and recapture. As the years have gone on, those memories are becoming more fuzzy and feel so far away. When my third and last was born, I knew I wanted to do things differently and I hired a birth photographer. I was nervous to have someone I didn’t know attending such a personal event, but as I got the chance to get to know her over the last few months of my pregnancy, all those fears melted away and having her there was such a blessing. She captured so many special moments of that day. The tasteful and artist-like images clearly show the moments that I never want to forget. Moments that show the support my husband provided during labor, to the midwife placing my precious baby on my chest for the first time. She captured the look in my husband’s eyes as he proudly looked at our son and the pride in his eyes as he looked at me, saying “I am so proud of you.” The first bath, the baby’s weight being captured, to grandma getting to hold him for the first time were all captured in the most beautiful way. I have so many photographic memories from that day that I look back on and treasure! I did get newborn photographs will all three of my children and I am so grateful because those sweet itty-bitty moments only last about the first three weeks before they start changing and growing so rapidly. Over time, I have learned my lesson, and I capture all the big milestones with my children because I have learned that once those moments pass, you can never go back and recapture them. I will forever have those treasures to share with generations to come.

I love capturing these moments for my clients. I feel so blessed to be invited into such personal moments and to be able to capture those images for them so they will forever have photographic memories of the beginning of their children’s lives and their journey into parenthood. Starting with that beautiful baby bump in maternity photographs, capturing the arrival of your sweet one, and with their very first photo-shoot with their newborn photographs. I want to capture it all for you so that you never have to regret not having photographs of that special time, like I do. I would love to get to know you and help you figure out how I can serve you and how I can help make sure your memories are captured in photographs forever. Let’s talk!